This page makes selected current working papers and published journal papers and book chapters available for download. Please contact me for copies of conference papers listed in my CV.

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Journal papers

Giergiczny, M., Dekker, T., Hess, S. & Chintakayala, P. (2017), Testing the stability of utility parameters in repeated best, repeated best-worst and one-off best-worst studies, European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research, forthcoming (pdf)

Batley, R.P., Bates, J., Bliemer, M., Börjesson, M., Bourdon, J., Ojeda Cabral, M., Chintakayala, P.K., Choudhury, C., Daly, A.J., Dekker, T., Drivyla, E., Fowkes, A., Hess, S., Heywood, C., Johnson, D., Laird, J., Mackie, P., Parkin, J., Sanders, S., Sheldon, R., Wardman, M. and Worsley, T. (2017), New appraisal values of travel time saving and reliability in Great Britain, Transportation, forthcoming (pdf)

Calastri, C., Hess, S., Choudhury, C.F., Daly, A.J. & Gabrielli, L. (2017), Mode choice with latent availability and consideration: theory and a case study, Transportation Research Part B, forthcoming (pdf)

Hess, S. & Train, K.E. (2017), Correlation and scale in mixed logit models, Journal of Choice Modelling, 23, pp. 1-8.

Minton J, Murray CC, Meads D, Hess S, Vargas-Palacios A, Mitchell E, et al. The Community IntraVenous Antibiotic Study (CIVAS): a mixed-methods evaluation of patient preferences for and cost-effectiveness of different service models for delivering outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy. Health Serv Deliv Res 2017;5(6) (pdf)

Hess, S., Murphy, P., Le, H. & Leong, W.Y. (2017), Estimation of new monetary valuations of travel time, quality of travel and safety for Singapore, Transportation Research Record, accepted for publication, February 2017. (pdf)

Beck, M.J., Hess, S., Ojeda Cabral, M. & Dubernet, I. (2017), Valuing travel time changes: a case of short-term or long-term choices?, Transportation Research Part E, 100, pp. 133-143. (pdf)

Calastri, C., Hess, S., Daly, A.J., Maness, M. Kowald, K., Axhausen , K.W. (2017), Modelling contact mode and frequency of interactions with social network members using the multiple discrete-continuous extreme value model, Transportation Research Part C, accepted for publication, December 2016. (pdf)

Hess, S. & Börjesson, M. (2017), Understanding attitudes towards congestion pricing: a latent variable investigation with data from four cities, Transportation Letters, accepted for publication, November 2016. (pdf)

Leong, W., Goh, K., Hess, S. & Murphy, P. (2017), Improving bus service reliability: The Singapore experience, Research in Transportation Economics, accepted for publication, October 2016. (pdf)

Lu, H., Hess, S., Daly, A.J. & Rohr, C. (2017), Measuring the impact of alcohol multi-buy promotions on consumers’ purchase behaviour, Journal of Choice Modelling, accepted for publication, May 2016. (pdf)

Ojeda Cabral, M., Hess, S. & Batley, R. (2017), Understanding valuation of travel time changes: are preferences different under different stated choice design settings?, Transportation, accepted for publication, April 2016. (pdf)

Ibraimovic, T. & Hess, S. (2017), Changes in the ethnic composition of neighbourhoods: Analysis of household's response and asymmetric preference structures, Papers in Regional Science, accepted for publication, February 2016. (pdf)

Hess, S., Daly, A., Dekker, T., Ojeda Cabral, M. & Batley, R.P. (2017), A framework for capturing heterogeneity, heteroskedasticity, non-linearity, reference dependence and design artefacts in value of time research, Transportation Research Part B, 96, pp. 126–149. (pdf)

Daly, A.J., Dekker, T. & Hess, S. (2016), Dummy coding vs effects coding for categorical variables: clarifications and extensions, Journal of Choice Modelling, 21, pp. 36-41. (pdf)

Pedersen, L.B., Kjaer, T. & Hess, S. (2016), Asymmetric information and user orientation in general practice. Exploring the agency relationship in a best-worst scaling study, Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Health Economics 50, pp. 115-130. (pdf)

Batley, R.P. & Hess, S. (2016), Testing for regularity and stochastic transitivity using the structural parameter of nested logit, Transportation Research Part B, 93, pp. 355-376. (pdf)

Beck, M. & Hess, S. (2016), Willingness to Accept Longer Commutes for Better Salaries: Understanding the Differences Within and Between Couples, Transportation Research Part A, 91, pp. 1-16. (pdf)

Ojeda Cabral, M., Hess, S. & Batley, R. (2016), The value of travel time: random utility versus random valuation, Transportmetrica A: Transport Science, 12(3), pp. 230-248. (pdf)

Dekker, T., Hess, S., Brouwer, R. & Hofkes, M. (2016), Decision uncertainty in multi-attribute stated preference studies, Resource and Energy Economics, 43, pp. 57-73. (pdf)

Vuk, G., Bowman, J., Daly, A.J. & Hess, S. (2016), Impact of family in-home quality time on person travel demand, Transportation, accepted for publication, 43(4), pp 705–724 (pdf)

Czoski Murray, C., Twiddy, M., Meads, D., Hess, S., Wright, J., Mitchell, E.D., Hulme, C., Dodd, S, Gent, H, Gregson, A., McLintock, K., Raynor, D.K., Reynard, K., Stanley, P., Vincent, R. and Minton, J. (2015), Community IntraVenous Antibiotic Study (CIVAS): Protocol for An Evaluation of Patient Preferences for and Cost effectiveness of Community Intravenous Antibiotic Services, BMJ Open, 5(8), doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2015-008965 (pdf) 

Ehreke, I., Hess, S., Weis, C. & Axhausen, K.W. (2015), Reliability in the German value of time study, Transportation Research Record, 2495, pp. 14-22. (pdf)

Dumont, J., Giergiczny, M. & Hess, S. (2015), Individual level models vs. sample level models: contrasts and mutual benefits, Transportmetrica, 11(6), pp. 465-483 (pdf)

Hess, S., Quddus, M., Rieser, N. & Daly, A.J. (2015), Developing advanced route choice models for heavy goods vehicles using GPS data, Transportation Research Part E, 77, pp. 29-44 (pdf)

Hoyos, D., Mariel, P. & Hess, S. (2015), Incorporating environmental attitudes in discrete choice models: an exploration of the utility of the awareness of consequences scale, Science of the Total Environment, 505, pp. 1100-1111 (pdf)

Mariel, P., Meyerhoff, J. & Hess, S. (2015), Heterogeneous preferences toward landscape externalities of wind turbines - combining choices and attitudes in a hybrid model, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 41, pp. 647-657 (pdf)

Hess, S. & Giergiczny, M. (2015), Intra-respondent heterogeneity in a stated choice survey on wetland conservation in Belarus: first steps towards creating a link with uncertainty in contingent valuation, Environmental & Resource Economics, 60(3), pp. 327-347 (pdf)

Sanko, N., Hess, S., Dumont, J. & Daly, A.J. (2014), Contrasting imputation with a latent variable approach to dealing with missing income in choice models, Journal of Choice Modelling, 12, pp. 47-57 (pdf)

Dekker, T., Hess, S., Arentze, T. & Chorus, C., Incorporating needs-satisfaction and regret-minimization in a discrete choice model of leisure activities, Journal of Transport Geography 38, pp. 66-74 (pdf)

Kløjgaard, M.E. & Hess, S., Understanding the role of practitioners' and patients' perceptions in treatment choices in the face of limited clinical evidence: A Hybrid Choice Model approach, Social Science & Medicine 114, pp. 138-150 (pdf)

Hess, S. (2014), Impact of unimportant attributes in stated choice surveys, European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research , 14(4):349-361. (pdf)

Fox, J., Daly, A.J., Hess, S. & Miller, E. (2014), Temporal Transferability of Models of Mode-Destination Choice for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Journal of Transport and Land Use 7(2), pp. 41-62  (pdf)

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Hess, S., Shires, J. & Jopson, A. (2013), Accommodating underlying pro-environmental attitudes in a rail travel context: application of a latent variable latent class specification, Transportation Research Part D 25, pp. 42-48. (pdf)

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Hess, S., Shires, J.D. & Bonsall, P.W. (2013), A latent class approach to dealing with respondent uncertainty in a stated choice survey for fare simplification on bus journeys, Transportmetrica 9(6), pp. 473-493 (pdf)

Hess, S., Stathopoulos, A., Campbell, D., O’Neill, V. & Caussade, S. (2013), It’s not that I don’t care, I just don’t care very much: confounding between attribute non-attendance and taste heterogeneity, Transportation 40(3), pp. 583-607 (pdf)

Hess, S., Ryley, T., Davison, L. & Adler, T. (2013), Improving the quality of demand forecasts cross nested logit: a stated choice case study of airport, airline and access mode choice, Transportmetrica 9(4), pp. 358-384 (pdf)

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Book chapters

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